Laravel version

How to install the script

Laravel script requires PHP version 8.0.2 and more.

1) Unzip and upload files on your server

If you use a shared hosting you should upload files into your site root directory.

If you have an own server it is better to point your domain to /public/ directory.

2) Edit /.env file and set the parameters:

DB_DATABASE=[your database name]
DB_USERNAME=[database user]
DB_PASSWORD=[database password]

3) Go to and click "Install Now"

If the installation page doesn't open or opens with errors you should check writable permissions for the folders:

4) Set "storage" folder link:

You have to set a link from the directory:

Method 1: Method 2: Method 3: Method 4:

That's all!

If you have any questions/problems you should Contact Us

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